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Benefits & Problem Solving

The Hamstring King lets you lie back and relax into a long comfortable stretch, and focuses that stretch where it need to be.

It’s the simple solution to many of the issues that keep so many people from seeing lasting change.

If you want to improve you have to be able to relax and hold your stretch for a good long time, and the tools out there don’t make it easy enough to do.

On the flip side, very flexible people (Dancers, Athletes, Gymnasts) are often too flexible in other areas, and have difficulty focusing their stretches on the hamstring alone.

colin testimonial
"Great invention! Wasn't expecting the stretch that it gave me. Hope to see its final product!"

I Want One!

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Why I Made This

The idea for the Hamstring King grew out of my practice as a physical therapist, and my growing awareness of the need for a better solution for the hamstring. In the clinic I would treat tight hamstrings by hand, carefully targeting the stretch to avoid causing back pain. I tried existing home stretch products with my patients, but most found them ineffective or uncomfortable. One day I was testing a stretch strap, and the idea came to me to add a strut to improve the leverage of the stretch. I was was immediately blown away by how comfortable and relaxing it felt. I knew right then I had discovered something important!"
Michael Thorpe, PT, DPT. -
“This thing is fantastic. Not only does it isolate my hamstrings better than a strap would, but since I'm not constantly pulling hard on a strap, it lets me hold a stretch without my hands getting sore.”
S. J. - Newport Beach


Some of the things that make the Hamstring King great.
  • Leverage does the work for you
  • Easy and comfortable for beginners
  • Targeted stretches for advanced users
  • Lower back is protected while stretching
  • Great for group classes
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Almost no setup needed


These are some of the things that make this great.

The Applications are Endless!

The Hamstring King can make a huge difference:
  • Therapists and Chiropractors
  • Sports injury prevention/rehab
  • Work injury prevention/rehab
  • Sport/exercise recovery
  • Yoga and stretch classes
  • Gymnastics and dance
  • Martial arts
  • At home

The Applications are Endless!

The Hamstring King can make a huge difference:

The Hamstring King In Action